Friday, 25 January 2013

More Butterflies from Northern Thailand

Four more butterflies photographed during my visit to northern Thailand in December 2012.  More to follow when I have identified them!

Common Archduke (Nymphalidae Lexias pardalis jadeitina) 

The Common Fourring (Satyrinae Ypthima huebneri)

The Common Palmfly (Elymnias hypermnestra agina) 

The White-patched sargeant (Athyma punctata prasobsuki)


  1. Hi!
    Lovely butterflies serie
    Have a nice weekend

  2. Hello Derk and Chris
    Great butterfly serie. I love them all.
    Greetings Bets

  3. Congratulation for the find of Athyma punctata, a rare species in Thailand and with a very restricted area. Where did you find it exactly?

    Antonio Giudici