Monday, 26 March 2012

Our Three Common Leaf Warblers

Spring sees the arrival of our three common leaf warblers. Chiffchaffs are already back and singing well and I hear of a few Willow Warblers on the south coast of England. Wood Warblers are the last to arrive, filling western Oak woodlands with their glorious song in late April and early May.

The three are not difficult to seperate. Knowing their songs is best, but even so with a little practice they are are not too difficult to identify. Chiffchaffs are usually small and most have blackish legs. Willow Warblers are often greener at this time of year and have pale brown legs. Wood Warblers have distinctive white underparts and are normally only found in the tops of trees, particularly Oaks.

All three are wonderful little birds and make up for their relatively drab plumage with some of the most beautiful sounds of spring.


  1. They are beautiful little birds. To me they are nicely colored.

  2. Hello
    What a great birdpictures, very nice.
    Greetings Bets