Monday, 6 February 2012

Grey Heron close-ups

Grey Herons close up are just magnificent creatures as these photographs taken by Chris show. Always good to compare them with their American cousins the Great Blue Heron.


  1. Lovely series of a most elegant, beautiful bird!

  2. Hello Derek,
    What fantastic photographs! I too am a big fan of neotropical warblers after spending a year (many years ago now) working at Long Point Bird Observatory in southern Ontario, Canada. You might be able to help me out re shade grown coffee. I have been trying to find this but have failod miserably. I can find 'rain forest alliance' which of course isn't the same. Can you point me in the right direction at all please?
    Cheers, Seumus

    1. Can't get it in the UK, but I'm the UK representative for the Smithsonian and we're working to get their Bird Friendly coffee into the UK. Look at @SMBC and follow me on Twitter @Coffeewarblers Watch this space!!

  3. Thanks Derek. I'd had a look at SMBC via a recommendation from Bird Studies Canada of which I'm a member. I'll keep watching 'this space' in the hope of getting some Bird Friendly coffee in the UK soon!

  4. You have an incredible Gift of creating Real-Life photography...superb!